race1 [rās]
[ME (North) ras(e) < ON rās, a running, rush, akin to OE ræs, swift movement, attack < IE * eras-, to flow, move rapidly < base * er-, *or-, to set in motion > RUN, ORIENT]
1. a competition of speed in running, skating, riding, etc.
2. [pl.] a series of such competitions for horses, cars, etc. on a regular course
3. any contest or competition likened to a race [the race for mayor, a race for power]
4. a steady onward movement or course
5. the span of life
a) a swift current of water
b) the channel for a current of water, esp. one built to use the water industrially [a millrace]
7. a channel or groove for the moving parts of a machine, as the groove for the balls in a ball bearing
raced, racing
1. to take part in a competition of speed; run a race
2. to go or move swiftly
3. to move or revolve so swiftly as to be out of control, because of less resistance or a lighter load: said of machinery
1. to compete with in a competition of speed
2. to enter or run (a horse, etc.) in a race
a) to cause to go swiftly
b) to cause (an engine) to run at high speed with the drive gears disengaged
race2 [rās]
[Fr < It razza < ?]
1. any of the different varieties or populations of human beings distinguished by a) physical traits such as hair, eyes, skin color, body shape, etc.: traditionally, the three primary divisions are Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid, although many subdivisions of these are also called racesb) blood types c) genetic code patterns d) all their inherited characteristics which are unique to their isolated breeding population
a) the state of belonging to such a population
b) the qualities, traits, etc. belonging, or supposedly belonging, to such a population
3. loosely
a) any geographical population
b) any population sharing the same activities, habits, ideas, etc.
4. any group of people having the same ancestry; family; clan; lineage
5. Biol.
a) a subspecies, or variety
b) BREED (n. 1)
6. Rare distinctive flavor, taste, etc., as of wine
the (human) race
all people collectively

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